I have a datagrid allowing the user to add events to an event page.

On it, I have 2 date fields so they can specify a start and end date. These fields do not show the date picker unless I comment out a line from DateField.js in Sapphire/javascript (line 12 - if(!config.showcalendar) return;).

Is there anyway to get the date picker to show without tampering with the core?

class Event extends DataObject{
    public static $db = array(
        'Title' => 'Varchar(255)',
        'StartDate' => 'Date',
        'EndDate' => 'Date',
        'Summary' => 'Text',
        'Content' => 'HTMLText'

    static $has_one = array( 
        'WhatsOnCategory' => 'WhatsOnCategory',
        'EventImage' => 'Image'

    public static $summary_fields = array(
        'Title' => 'Title'

    public static $default_sort='StartDate';

    public function getCMSFields() {
        return new FieldList(
            new TextField('Title', 'Title'),
            new DateField('StartDate', 'StartDate'),
            new DateField('EndDate', 'EndDate'),
            new TextField('Summary', 'Summary'),
            new HTMLEditorField('Content', 'Content'),
            new UploadField('EventImage','Image')

The DateField does not show the calendar popup by default, you have to configure it to do so.

Apply for all DateFields: (you could put this line at the top of your getCMSFields method)

DateField::set_default_config('showcalendar', true);

Apply to a specific DateField instance

return new FieldList(
    DateField::create('StartDate', 'StartDate')->setConfig('showcalendar', true)

Using the DateField::create method instead of new DateField allows you to call methods on that class directly in one line, which is nice. I think it's also best practise with SS objects.


In SilverStripe 3, the global configuration can be set using the new config system.

ie. In your config YML

    showcalendar: true

If you are using DateTimeField, to get the "per instance" configuration working you need to first call getDateField:


If you would like a timepicker UI on the DateTimeField's Time field, you'll need to install the TimePicker moduleand then:

    TimePickerField::create('StartTime[time]', '')
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