I'd like to be able to namespace my controllers, without namespacing the urls. So for example, I'd like to be able to have a controller in a folder like:


and another in


I don't want the routes to contain /abc, or /def, instead I'm using constraints to disambiguate between them. What's the most Rails way to achieve this?

Some background: I'm building a multi-domain site, the constraint is the request domain.

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You can use a scope with a block.

scope :module => "abc" do
  resources :my_controller

scope :module => "def" do
  resources :my_controller

or pass it individually

resources :my_controller, :module => "abc"
resources :my_controller, :module => "def"

More information in the routes guide. The information on scopes is just under the table in the section I linked to.



resources :resource_name, module: 'ControllerNameSpace', constraints: {subdomain: 'foo'}

Rails guide link

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