Hello i am trying to develop an android app. I have a Samsung galaxy s 3 but i cannot seem to find driver that are compatible with windows 7. I have the android sdk installed version 1.0.29. I have tried to manually installed the drivers for my device drivers in the usb_driver folder of my sdk. thank you.


Did you install the Kies Software from Samsung? It comes bundled with correct USB drivers.


The Drivers can be downloaded separately too.


In case that doesn't work, Andres Gallos solution might help; I would only attribute this effect to a defective cable tho.


testing on Galaxy, I ran into issues where I had to use the samsung cable to see it work with eclipse. I changed the cable I was using, and it suddenly worked. This may not be the issue you are facing, but could save you time if it is. I wasted a bit over an hour finding drivers, but nothing worked other than changing the cable to the samsung cable.

  • Please let me know if this solves it. I have been puzzled why switching the cable worked. Whether its a cable issue or a samsung thing. Did not have issue with other test phone brands. – Andres Gallo Sep 16 '12 at 2:27
  • too long usb cable might be not OK! I was using 0.5 meter and that wasn't great idea.. I used to get driver recognise errors. – deadfish Nov 20 '12 at 9:42

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