I've inherited a project with a SiteMapPath control, populated from a web.sitemap

Given the url /Admin/ControlPanel/Sku/Edit/1234 the breadcrumb disappears because there is not specific entry in the .sitemap for that url. This is a problem because the user cannot easily return to the Admin, Control Panel or Sku pages.

It doesn't appear to like wildcards, eg: <siteMapNode url="/Admin/ControlPanel/Sku/Edit/*"

How can I have the sitemap still display the breadcrumb?


I don't think it can be done. In they end I used a pragmatic workaround as I had to move on.

Given a url that failed to match:

If SiteMap.CurrentNode Is Nothing Then
  '- write out a home baked breadcrumb by parsing the url
  '- eg: Admin > ControlPanel > Sku
  '- which at least allowed a used in /Admin/ControlPanel.Sku/Edit/1234 to get back to the previous pages.
End If

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