I have a Django web application that uses Gunicorn and runs good locally, but when I deploy app on EC2, I see that Gunicorn is failing:

 $ gunicorn_django -b --settings=myapp.settings.dev --debug --log-level info
 2012-09-16 17:39:24 [28333] [INFO] Starting gunicorn 0.14.6
 2012-09-16 17:39:24 [28333] [INFO] Listening at: (28333)
 2012-09-16 17:39:24 [28333] [INFO] Using worker: sync
 2012-09-16 17:39:24 [28336] [INFO] Booting worker with pid: 28336
 2012-09-16 17:39:24 [28336] [INFO] Worker exiting (pid: 28336)
 2012-09-16 17:39:24 [28333] [INFO] Shutting down: Master
 2012-09-16 17:39:24 [28333] [INFO] Reason: Worker failed to boot.

I tried logging with --spew but it keeps on running and no error is shown.

How can I debug this issue?

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Try running with --preload as an argument to gunicorn_django - it should show you the error the workers are having when starting. See this bug

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    I have been try to debug my service for hours, you just saved my day!
    – Ponytech
    Jun 13, 2017 at 8:21
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    Glad to hear it :) Jun 16, 2017 at 9:46

You need --debug --log-level debug


In my case I had to run gunicorn_django --bind example.com:8001 from the same folder as my manage.py file.

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