I'm not sure how to handle this with active records or using manual sql. What I want to do is to add a record into the 'contact' table which has an auto incremented id, and then add a record into the "order" table with the id of the corresponding 'contact' record id.

I know I can get the id of the inserted contact record using $this->db->insert_id(), but does that only work when using active records?

Also, can I achieve this type of insert in one query, or must I split it up in two?

  • Which type of database are you using? You may be able to create a stored procedure that does the multiple steps with a single call to the DB. – Mike D Sep 17 '12 at 16:32

$this->db does not refer to Active Record. You must choose to use Active Record, $this->db simply refers to the database abstraction layer.

That said, you can use $this->db->insert_id() immediately after a query (Active Record or not) to get its insert ID.

But to handle inserting multiple records at once that are dependent on eachother's IDs, I would switch to InnoDB as your table type (if you haven't already) and use CodeIgniter's transactions.

Here's an example, adapted from CodeIgniter's documentation:


$this->db->query('INSERT INTO table1 VALUES(id,field1,field2)');
$table1_id = $this->db->insert_id();

$this->db->query('INSERT INTO table2 VALUES(id,' . $table1_id . ',field2,field3)');


According to Codeigniter, the $this->db is named "Active Record" [sic!] so you already answered your own question in these terms. Otherwise you need to actually specify which kind of thing you mean by writing "Active Record".

In PHP the Mysqli extension offers to run multiple queries at once: mysqli::multi_queryDocs.

The last insert ID function exists in Mysql itself as well and can be used inside any SQL query then, it is called LAST_INSERT_ID()Mysql Docs.

INSERT INTO contact;

Maybe this is the information you're looking for.


Additional Info

Don't forget to Check For success of Transaction:


    if($this->db->trans_status() === FALSE){// Check Transaction Result successful                          
         echo "<br>------- INFO WAS >>>>>>> NOT INSERTED <<<<<<< -------<br>";
         echo "<br>------- >>>>>>> TRANSACTION SUCCESSFUL <<<<<<< -------<br>";

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