I'm using tomcat7 32 bit. As I know, it maybe manages maximum 1GB memory usage. I used caching data (ehcache) in my application, and sometimes it causes error "OutOfMemory", the application isn't working. I'm planning to use tomcat7 64bit to increase memory, but I don't know how many GBs does it manage in maximum? How do we configure to change memory of tomcat? Thanks in advance.


The maximum amount of memory is not 'restricted' by tomcat, it is restricted by the JVM + System Architecture / OS.

See these questions/answers for more info:

This means that you will have to install a 64 bit java runtime environment (and not a 64 bit tomcat). Then adapt the -Xmx settings in your tomcat startup scripts. See e.g.:

=== Edit Sorry I was a bit outdated, there is a prepackaged Tomcat7 64 bit all-in-one tomcat for windows. This does however not mean, that my answer is wrong. The package will just contain a 64 bit JRE. With a 64 bit system and JVM, you will not have to bother about memory limits for many many many years....

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