I am using the devise-async gem to send my devise emails asynchronously - using Resque.

I am doing some simple RSpec controller tests to make sure the, say, forgotten password is being sent, by inspecting the ActionMailer::Base.deliveries array.

This used to work before I started using the devise-async gem. How can I "send" the emails on the queue immediately, so that they end up in ActionMailer::Base.deliveries?

For example - when I used delayed_job to send them asynchronously (not using the devise-async gem), I could add this to my devise initializer:

Delayed::Worker.delay_jobs = !Rails.env.test?

Which would deliver emails straight away to make it easier to test. So - is there a similar technique I can use when using devise-async?

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I put the following line in spec_helper.rb:

Devise::Async.enabled = false

and it worked.

  • Great. This fixed my my service's spec examples asserting ActionMailer::Base.deliveries.count increase when a new confirmable user is created in the DB. The specs were passing before I introduced Devise-Async but afterwards those started failing.This config restored the failing spec examples. Sep 6, 2016 at 13:57

Ok - I have found the answer:

In an initializer file, do the following:

Resque::Mailer.excluded_environments = [:test]

For general Resque jobs, add the following:

Resque.inline = Rails.env.test?

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