This is strange. If I use {{ j }}, I get all 12 numbers, but adding the Twig date filter just echos out "Jan" twelve times.

How do I echo out all months of the year? Do I have a create an array instead?

{% for j in range(1, 12) %}
    <option>{{ j|date('M') }}</option>
{% endfor %}

It's because twig treats j as number of seconds from January 1970 (so it's always January).

From twig documentation:

The date filter accepts strings (it must be in a format supported by the strtotime function), DateTime instances, or DateInterval instances.

This should work:

{% for j in range(1, 12) %}
    <option>{{ date('2012-' ~ j ~ '-01') |date('M') }}</option>
{% endfor %}

The solution given by Cyprian Throwed me the following error

The function "date" does not exist

So I changed code to

{% for j in 1..12 %}
    <option>{{ j |date('2012-' ~ j ~ '-01') |date('M') }}</option>
{% endfor %}

and this worked for me.... Thanks Cyprian

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