I am used to Spine.js, but I want to try out Backbone.js.

In Spine, there are no collections. There are only models. In Spine, when I use a model in different places, Spine always keeps the models synced with each other when I update them. In Backbone, I find this not to be the case. I hope you can tell me what I am doing wrong!

I am trying to create 2 Articles collections which have 3 Article models inside them:

var Article = Backbone.Model.extend({});

var Articles = Backbone.Collection.extend({
  model: Article,
  localStorage: new Backbone.LocalStorage("Articles")

var articles1 = new Articles();
var articles2 = new Articles();

articles1.create({ id: 1, name: "Article 1" });
articles1.create({ id: 2, name: "Article 2" });
articles1.create({ id: 3, name: "Article 3" });

In Chrome I use the console and experiment a little:

=> 3
=> 0
=> undefined
=> 3

So far so good. The first Article in both collections is "Article 1":

a1 = articles1.first()
=> child
a2 = articles2.first()
=> child
=> "Article 1"
=> "Article 1"

But when I try to update the model in the first collection, it is not synced with the second collection:

a1.set({ name: "Article 1 - Updated" })
=> child
=> undefined
=> "Article 1 - Updated"
=> "Article 1"

I expected the model in the second collection to automatically update itself.

But I can see both article models have different cids:

=> "c0"
=> "c3"

So my question is... what do you do in Backbone? How do you keep models synced between collections?

I actually read this blog article: http://destroytoday.com/blog/reasons-for-spinejs/. He writes:

Dynamic Records

This one is just crazy black magic, but it solves a problem I faced with Backbone.js. Let’s say you fetched a record in one view of the app. Then you fetch and update that same record in a different view. In Spine.js, both records will update. You don’t have to worry about keeping them in sync. The moment I read about this, a single tear rolled down my cheek.

I have really tried to search about this but without luck.

I hope you can point me in the right direction on how to do this the Backbone way!


You have 2 basic options:

  1. Make sure both collections contain references to the exact same instances of models. Not just 2 objects with the same ID, but actually the same in-memory single model instance for that record.

  2. Use the events bindings to try to keep either the collections or the models inside the collections in sync (add/remove/change/reset on collection1 in turn causes an add/remove/change/reset on collection2).

If you want the spine behavior, get #1 working. Perhaps use an instance cache as described here.

  • Thanks for the answer! I hoped it was baked into Backbone. :-( – agronemann Sep 19 '12 at 16:03
  • I would advise against the second option. In my experience, it leads to event spaghetti and inconsistencies. – mor Jun 19 '14 at 15:49

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