I need a datepicker in VBA for Excel.

I had run into this issue because Excel 2010 64 bit does not have a datepicker, which worked fine in Excel 2007/2003.

I am looking for a free control which can be used for commercial purposes.

Any help will be appreciated.



We have created a VBA solution, what fully compatible with the old MSCAL.OCX, but you need no ActicveX install to use it:


It works in all Excel (Access, etc.) versions too. :)

Best Regards,


I have come across this issue many times in the past and the only sure fire way to circumvent it is to make a custom calendar control in VBA

Here is the one I use created by a colleague of mine back in 2009 http://goo.gl/hyhIh

It does the job very well, I have adapted my own one in several MS Access projects in the past feel free to use for your own purposes

  • That's nice too! :) – MGM May 7 '20 at 21:03

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