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I would like to make a <a href:"TT:0123456789?Dial"> link in a Sharepoint foundation 2010 list. If I insert it in the column as a hyperlink/single item/rich text etc and hover on it, it respons like a link, but i cannot call with my Polycom (computer connected) VOIP phone. It will only click on the complete line.

I would really like to use the SP contactlist. What would be the solution to insert a clickable dial link?

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[code]<a href:"TT:0123456789?Dial" .. [/code] Is the hyperlink I want to insert –  user1654659 Sep 20 '12 at 6:00

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Your solution would be to create a custom field type for this. Crete a column type that, for example, displays a phone icon with your link on it. When you click your icon it will call instead of just mark the entire row. Read more about it here.

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