I have a few functions that are deprecated since iOs 6. Maybe this'll be helpful for others who also just updated to iOs 6.

    [self presentModalViewController:pNewController animated:YES];
 presentModalViewController:animated is deprecated since iOs 6

 Autosynthesized property 'String' will use synthesized instance variable '_String', not existing instance variable 'String'

Autosynthesized property 'phonenumber' will use synthesized instance variable '_phonenumber', not existing instance variable 'phonenumber'

 Deprecated: Group Table View Background Color is deprecated in iOS 6.0.

Could anyone help me how to fixed it so there wont be any deprecated functions in my project.

Thanks in Advance

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    This is the full warning message (posted for Google finding this thread with quotes around the search) 'presentModalViewController:animated:' is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 6.0 – Thorsten Niehues Oct 4 '12 at 13:38
[self presentModalViewController:pNewController animated:YES];

can be replaced by

[self presentViewController:pNewController animated:YES completion:nil];

The background of this change can be seen on WWDC 2012 video session #236, the evolution of view controllers on iOS.

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    +1 Thanks for referencing the exact video with number! – Thomas Johannesmeyer Nov 13 '12 at 16:10

click on the method which is deprecated. in the right column Quick Help inspector you can see the Quick Help from the Apple docs.
There is also a recommandation to use updated or alternate methods.


Try this,

Open the .storyboard file or .xib file in "Source Code" mode.

Find and remove this line:

<color key="backgroundColor" cocoaTouchSystemColor="groupTableViewBackgroundColor"/>

I can help you with the last one: it means that the color GroupTableViewBackgroundColor is no longer supported in ios6. You probably used this in your xib files somewhere.


Use like this

[self presentViewController:object animated:YES completion:NULL];

[object dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:NULL];

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