I'm using flash.external.ExtensionContext so that I can call native iOS functions within SWF files.

Following the guidelines from


I've got the SWC and ANE files.

Now I create an AIR app and using the following lines to call the native function (only to get a 'hello world' string):

private function onCreate() {
    var inst:ANEHellowWorld = ANEHelloWorld.instance;
    var str:String = inst.helloWorld(); // fails since the extContext member is null

    // try it directly
    var extContext:ExtensionContext = ExtensionContext.createExtensionContext("com.lorenzonuvoletta.helloworld", "net");
    var str2:String = extContext.call("helloWorld") as String; // still null object

Why createExtensionContext always return null? And another question, how can I access ExtensionContext in normal flex projects? It seems to be no flash.external.ExtensionContext at all.


Now I've learned that Native Extension is only available in Flex Mobile Projects. And for the null-returning problem, the .ane file should be added to the Project->Properties->Flex Build Path, in Native Extension Path. Just hope the info help some rookie Flex users like me. Never mind.

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