I don't generally write batches, but I currently have a batch that uses forfiles to copy my FLVs from one folder to another. When I run the batch manually it works every time, but from a scheduled task, it throws a (0x1) error.

forfiles -p "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 4.5\applications\name\streams" -m *.flv -s -d -1 -c "cmd /c copy @file ^0x22C:\Program^ Files\Adobe\Flash^ Media^ Server^ 4.5\applications\name\output\"

Not sure what syntax the scheduled task doesn't like.


Under my scheduled task, Actions I have the following:

Program/script:  name.bat
Start in (optional): \\servername\file\to\batch

When my Start in (optional): path was a UNC path, it wouldn't work. So I moved my batch on the server and everything worked correctly.

UNC in Windows Batch Files

forfiles with UNC path

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    That is really a workaround - NOT the solution to your problem. – Germann Arlington Sep 26 '12 at 9:04

See the screen shot bellow. You need to change the user to systementer image description here

  • This didn't work for me – leen3o Jul 5 '16 at 6:38
  • I must say, windows schedule tasks aren't my favorite. if you can I recommend to run a small linux machine and handles it with cron jobs. – Gil Allen Jul 6 '16 at 7:12

Hi might be this is helpful, I also face the same issue. Just set the startin path like:

enter image description here

Here start in path is the path of batch file: like you have enter in program script: "E:\program related files\demo.bat" then in startin just pass: E:\program related files & done!


Arun Sharma


Most common reason for such problems is permissions: scheduled tasks does NOT always run with your user credentials. If you want scheduled task to run as you you will have to set it up as you or alternative user.

Besides that I hope that your line of code is a content of your batch file, you are not trying to run this command directly. Or are you?

P.S. What are these ^0x22 and ^ doing in your code?

  • I have the scheduled task running under a user that has permission. ^0x22, if I don't have ^0x22 in my destination path the batch doesn't work. – zach attack Sep 20 '12 at 13:19
  • Just to eliminate that as a potential problems: try to specify complete path to cmd i.e. C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe and simple (with no spaces) target path for copy. If that does not help than I have no idea what else it may be. Post your solution when you find one. – Germann Arlington Sep 20 '12 at 13:42

I know this is an old question, but just wanted to share some info.

The (0x01) error code can also refer to resources that are not found. Therefore:

  • all files/folders referd from within the batch file should be accessible to the user which account is being used to run that scheduled task;
  • pay attention when using network locations in combination with "Run whether user is logged on or not" option;
  • the above-mentioned option can be tricky to use because some resources may be available only after log on.

On Server 2008 R2 when running the batch file under domain user credentials, with confirmed "log on as a batch job" security in the Local Security Policy>Local Settings>User Rights Assignment, even then my batch (copying a log file to a network share) would not run as scheduled task, until I selected in tab General the option "Run with highest privileges" (default NOT checked!) The option Run whether user is logged on or not was also selected, with radio-button, but I guess this is quite standard, when selecting to run the task using a domain user account.

For the tab Actions : specifying the entire batch file name including its path, directly in "Program/script:" works fine (with Server 2008 R2) Using double quotes inside the batch file causes no problems.


For .bat files to run inside your scheduled task, you need to specify your .bat file path inside the start option - despite the fact that your .bat file is at the same directory as your .exe. Also, I flagged it to run with highest privilege. After I have done those two things, the task suddenly takes off without any problem!

windows schedule task picture

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