I have simple problem. I've a field in my content type (header image) that must be printed in page.tpl.php (because of layout).

It works fine, i put some code in theme_preprocess_page() function to show that field in page.tpl.php

function theme_preprocess_page( &$variables, $hook )
    $node = menu_get_object();

    if( $node && $node->type == 'page' )
        $view = node_view($node);
        $variables['headerimage'] = render($view['field_headerimage']);

Now i am having problem hiding that field_headerimage from node view. It cannot be hidden from administration ui (content types -> manage display) because if i hide it from there, it will not be available in theme_preprocess_page() either.

So i try to hide that field from preprocess_node

function theme_preprocess_node( &$variables, $hook )
    if( $variables['page'] )
        $variables['field_headerimage'] = NULL;

I added every line of code i've tried in removing that from being displayed. What am i doing wrong? Or: How do you hide field from theme_preprocess_node()


In hook_preprocess_node() the content has already been built for the node object and dumped onto the content array; that's the array that will be converted to $content in the template file, and the one you need to remove the field display from:

if( $variables['page'] )
    // ...

That should get rid of it no problem.

For the sake of completeness you could also do this easily in the node.tpl.php file too:


Or in hook_node_view() in a custom module:

function MYMODULE_node_view($node, $view_mode, $langcode) {

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