I have created below repository methods for Dapper ORM.

public SqlMapper.GridReader QueryMultiple(string query, object cmdParams = null, CommandType cmdType = CommandType.Text)
     SqlMapper.GridReader objMulti;
     var conn = GetSqlConnection();            
     objMulti = conn.QueryMultiple(query, cmdParams, commandTimeout: 0, commandType: cmdType);                                            
     return objMulti;

public IEnumerable<T> GetAll<T>(string query, object cmdParams = null, CommandType cmdType = CommandType.Text) where T : class
      IEnumerable<T> objList;
      using (var conn = GetSqlConnection())
           objList = conn.Query<T>(query, param: cmdParams, commandTimeout:0, commandType: cmdType);
      return objList;

Usage of query method looks fine and connection is closed as soon as the operation completes.

new DapperRepository().Query("zyx").ToList();

But querymultiple returns gridreader. So, does Dapper dispose both connection and reader after read operations are done. Please advise about my approach.

using (SqlMapper.GridReader multiResult = new DapperRepository().QueryMultiple(sql, new { id = id }))
   var dbPRTGroup = multiResult.Read<Customer>().Single();

Yes, it does.

According to your last code block, both connection and reader operations are disposed at the end. This is also ensured through usage of using keyword in .NET Framework.


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