I am working on ASP.net2.0 application using C#. Html 5.0 version used in this project.

I have a image where co-ordinates are defined and click on each co-ordinates of image corresponding section data should be visible.

for example if #service is clicked section "<section class="service">" should be displayed. if #new_generation is clicked then section <section class="new_generation"> should be displayed.

and it should load using ajax.

 <section role="parallax" class="parallax cf">                      
    <map name="home_menu">
        <area class="selected" shape="poly" coords="140,0,0,105,85,105,225,0" href="#supplier" alt="SUPPLIER">
        <area shape="poly" coords="227,0,87,105,172,105,312,0" href="#service" alt="FULL SERVICE CARRIER">
        <area shape="poly" coords="314,0,174,105,259,105,399,0" href="#new_generation" alt="NEW GENERATION AIRLINE">
        <area shape="poly" coords="401,0,261,105,346,105,486,0" href="#air_freight" alt="AIR FREIGHT CARRIER">
        <area shape="poly" coords="488,0,348,105,433,105,573,0" href="#charter" alt="CHARTER AIRLINE">
        <area shape="poly" coords="575,0,435,105,520,105,660,0" href="#cargo" alt="CARGO & LOGISTICS COMPANY">
        <area shape="poly" coords="662,0,522,105,607,105,747,0" href="#hotel" alt="HOTEL GROUP">
        <area shape="poly" coords="749,0,609,105,694,105,834,0" href="#events" alt="EVENTS ORGANISER">

<section class="home_menu_tabs">
    <section class="supplier selected"></section>
    <section class="service">
        Service Content Here comes from database, should loads using Ajax
    <section class="new_generation">
    New Generation Content Here comes from database, should loads using Ajax
    <section class="air_freight"></section>
    <section class="charter"></section>
    <section class="cargo"></section>
    <section class="hotel"></section>
    <section class="events"></section>

Please help with the jquery


If you want to show the section by clicking on any map area

This will help


    var sections = $('.home_menu_tabs section');
    $('map').on('click', 'area', function(){
        var href =$(this).prop('href');
        var sectionClass = href.substr(href.lastIndexOf('#')+1);
        //your ajax code to load content.

  • Hi, I tried script and it is not working. Please can you help me fixing the issue – D.B. Sep 21 '12 at 13:35
  • What is not working. Showing section or loading content from ajax. – Yograj Gupta Sep 21 '12 at 13:43

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