As evident from title, I entered a bug in MantisBT but mistaken choose wrong project. I can go back and edit most of the parameters of bug but it doesn't allow me to change the project. I looked in configuration and there seems to be no option for that there as well. Is there a way I fix the bug information by changing the project to the correct value?

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You can move issues between projects if your system configuration and access levels allow it (look for the Move button in the View Issue Details page)


You can also move multiple issues by doing the following:

  • Go to View Issues page.
  • Filter on the issues you want to move (optional)
  • Tick the issues from the list that you want to move or select all.
  • Go to the bottom of the list and select "Move" then click Go.
  • Select project to move to.

Note that since MantisBT uses a universal id across all projects, moving an issue doesn't break links to it, since URL to the issue will remain the same.

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