I need to insert images into the copytext of a blogpost. I tried different wysiwyg-editors and different image-plugins, but so far every plugin or editor I tried directly adds an <img>-tag into the text.

My problem is, that I want to change the markup of the images when the frontend is rendered. Is there any plugin that does not add an <img>-tag, but some short code or so that gets translated into an -tag when the field is rendered, similar to wordpress?

That way I could hook into the process and change the markup of the images...


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Lately I've been working on a combination of these modules to work with customized markup:

BUEditor and Markdown filter will give you markup-based input that you can than manipulate via RegEx with CustomFilter.

CustomFilter is kind of confusing and a bit of a pain to use, so be ready to bang your fist into your head a few times, but it's totally worth it. It' much easier than the alternative, which would be defining your own custom filter module.

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