I'm trying to create a 3D transform effect where a <div> folds into an airplane and flies off the screen.

To achieve this, I'm now creating multiple <div> elements - one for each fold - and then applying CSS 3D transformations to each one to transform into a paper airplane and then key-framing the whole thing to fly off the screen.

The issue is that I want to do the same on a div with user-inputted text on it --- essentially I want the text in the div to fold too. There doesn't seem to be a way to do it using my method, because I'm splitting the page into divs for each fold...

Anyone know of any other way to do this?


You could clone the node, cut it, and the clone, in half and then continue with the animations you're already doing.

Here's an example: http://jsfiddle.net/rCAA4/

Sample HTML:

<div class="box">
    <p class="text">
       ...your text goes here...

..and javascript (jQuery):

var $box = $('.box'),
    $text = $('.text'),
    width_of_$box = $box.css('width'),
    half_width_of_$box = parseInt(width_of_$box)/2 + "px";

$text.css('width', width_of_$box);

    'width': half_width_of_$box,
    'overflow': 'hidden'

        .css('margin-left', "-" + half_width_of_$box)
  • Thanks for your answer. I think the overflow:hidden is the key here. In my case, I'll have the fold-divs created already. I just need to add text into all of them with the right margins and set the overflow to be hidden, I guess... – zacropetricopus Sep 21 '12 at 23:47

You can probably convert the input text field to a canvas that stores the image after input. Then, program the canvas with javascript.

I never tried it, yet. But, I think it might work.

Text to image on fly with javascript or jquery


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