Example I have:

  range = start.to_date..(end.to_date + 1.day)

end and start are dates.

How do I create a month array based on this range?


I have the dates 23/1/2012 and 15/3/2012

The months are Januar, Februar and Marts.

I want to get a array like ["1/1/2012", "1/2/2012", "1/3/2012"]

and if the range was betweeen 25/6/2012 to the 10/10/2012

the array would be: ["1/6/2012", "1/7/2012", "1/8/2012", "1/9/2012", "1/10/2012"]

require 'date'

date_from  = Date.parse('2011-10-14')
date_to    = Date.parse('2012-04-30')
date_range = date_from..date_to

date_months = date_range.map {|d| Date.new(d.year, d.month, 1) }.uniq
date_months.map {|d| d.strftime "%d/%m/%Y" }
# => ["01/10/2011", "01/11/2011", "01/12/2011", "01/01/2012",
#     "01/02/2012", "01/03/2012", "01/04/2012"] 

Rails ActiveSupport core extensions includes a method for Date: beginning_of_month. Your function could be written as follows:

def beginning_of_month_date_list(start, finish)

Caveats: this could be written more efficiently, assumes start and finish are in the expected order, but otherwise should give you the months you're looking for. You could also rewrite to pass a format symbol to the #to_s method to get the expected month format.

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