Let's say that I need to format the output of an array to display a fixed number of elements per line. How do I go about doing that using modulus operation?

Using C++, the code below works for displaying 6 elements per line but I have no idea how and why it works?

for ( count = 0 ; count < size ; count++)
    cout << somearray[count];
    if( count % 6 == 5) cout << endl;

What if I want to display 5 elements per line? How do i find the exact expression needed?


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in C++ expression a % b returns remainder of division of a by b (if they are positive. For negative numbers sign of result is implementation defined). For example:

5 % 2 = 1
13 % 5 = 3

With this knowledge we can try to understand your code. Condition count % 6 == 5 means that newline will be written when remainder of division count by 6 is five. How often does that happen? Exactly 6 lines apart (excercise : write numbers 1..30 and underline the ones that satisfy this condition), starting at 6-th line (count = 5).

To get desired behaviour from your code, you should change condition to count % 5 == 4, what will give you newline every 5 lines, starting at 5-th line (count = 4).

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    "For negative numbers sign of result is implementation defined" This isn't true in C++11 - see ISO14882:2011(e) 5.6-4 or stackoverflow.com/questions/7594508.
    – Tom Swirly
    Apr 29, 2016 at 22:41
  • what operands does modulo expects? Why doesn;t it work with float values? Jan 12, 2020 at 18:08

Basically modulus Operator gives you remainder simple Example in maths what's left over/remainder of 11 divided by 3? answer is 2

for same thing C++ has modulus operator ('%')

Basic code for explanation

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
    int num = 11;
    cout << "remainder is " << (num % 3) << endl;

    return 0;

Which will display

remainder is 2


This JSFiddle project could help you to understand how modulus work: http://jsfiddle.net/elazar170/7hhnagrj

The modulus function works something like this:

     function modulus(x,y){
       var m = Math.floor(x / y);
       var r = m * y;
       return x - r;

It gives you the remainder of a division.

int c=11, d=5;
cout << (c/d) * d + c % d; // gives you the value of c

You can think of the modulus operator as giving you a remainder. count % 6 divides 6 out of count as many times as it can and gives you a remainder from 0 to 5 (These are all the possible remainders because you already divided out 6 as many times as you can). The elements of the array are all printed in the for loop, but every time the remainder is 5 (every 6th element), it outputs a newline character. This gives you 6 elements per line. For 5 elements per line, use

if (count % 5 == 4)

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