I've taken a dive into FPDF lately and something that i don't seem to understand is - why is there no way to set a bottom margin? There are functions for setting margins from the top, left and right, but not from the bottom.

I assume now that i misunderstand something basic and conceptual about how FPDF works yet i got no clue on what that could possibly be.

So to cut it down:

Is it possible to define a fixed bottom margin in FPDF?


I just found the solution - the bottom margin is simply left out of predefinition because it is part of the page break calculation process. Therefore, setting a bottom margin in itself is not possible, but it can be done using

SetAutoPageBreak(boolean auto, [float margin])

+1 to SquareCat's answer. To expand on this a little more, if you're having trouble with text going a little bit over the auto page break, just setting SetAutoPageBreak(false) will probably be sufficient to solve the problem. For me personally this was causing trouble when creating mailing labels.


Just make sure that you're manually breaking pages where appropriate for your PDF.

  • we can also use some $counter to detect the content area like > if($counter + $nextLineHeight > $contentAreaHeight) { $fpdf->AddPage(); } – gonatee Feb 10 '17 at 5:33

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