Going to Fullscreen mode in JavaFX causes a giant message telling the user that he can leave this mode pressing ESC. Not only this takes the "desktopish" feeling off my application, it also looks ugly.

I guess this message is not ment to be suppressed, so my hope is that i can at least brand it. So, how can i style it?

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JavaFX 8 has a way to suppress this message:

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    This should be the accepted answer. It worked perfectly.
    – Blue Genie
    Feb 7, 2016 at 2:41

There is a requests to Allow trusted apps to disable the fullscreen overlay warning and disable the "Exit on ESC" behavior and Touch Screen only - Press ESC to exit full-screen mode. does not apply. Neither request has been implemented as of JavaFX 2.2.

There are no requests to allow the message to be styled that I could find. You could create one under the JavaFX Runtime project, but I think it would be rejected due to potential security concerns.


You can just completely disable the message with:


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