I am new to Qt, and am using Qt Creator 2.4.1 for development.

Question - Where can I find (or What are the) examples built using QML and C++?

I have been searching and its been not very fruitful. Like I have found examples using pure QML. Or the demo "samegame" uses javascript with QML.

Just to try out, here is some code I wrote in main.cpp -

QDeclarativeView view;
view.rootContext()->setContextProperty("game", new Game);


The question related to code - If I were to use C++ and QML, is this how the code in main() is supposed to be?

In the main.qml I will make all the different types of buttons, and mouseareas required.


Here's examples from Qt documentation. You may see C++ code in most examples.
Usually, the main function is as below:

 QApplication app(argc, argv);

 QmlApplicationViewer viewer;

 return app.exec();

Extending QML Functionalities using C++ is good article too.

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