Is there any way to convert SLIM file to HAML or ERB? I googled for any existing web sites (like html2haml.heroku.com/, or css2sass.heroku.com) which can do this convert, but still no luck. Thanks.



I'm not aware of any, but Texmate allows you to convert slim to html (link)

Maybe you can use that and than html2haml ?

Hope this still saves you a bit of time.

  • This is not a solution to convert slim to haml. – sunsations Jul 16 '14 at 15:34
  • you can confirm html to haml... – Abe Petrillo Mar 4 at 16:06

Take a look at what the Slim documentation has to say:

Slim can be converted to ERB using slimrb or Slim::ERBConverter which are both included in the Slim gem

  • Haml2Slim converter
  • ERB2Slim, HTML2Slim converter

It should be noted that the ERB conversion is rather sloppy. In fact I'm working on a Slim fork to improve the output when converting Slim templates to ERB, but it's not quite ready yet.

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