I am having following error on using curlas extension

Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\wamp\www***\index.php on line 15

I have following configuration


i installed wampserver2.2e-php5.4.3-httpd2.2.22-mysql5.5.24-x64.exe

i tried to enable other extension also and restarted server but they local host is not able to load that extension.

  • Are those extension directives really all on one line? If so, it is invalid (and commented out anyway) – Michael Berkowski Sep 26 '12 at 2:51
  • 1
    Also, be sure you are modifying the correct php.ini. Check the output of phpinfo() to see which php.ini file is being loaded, and load the extension in that one. – Michael Berkowski Sep 26 '12 at 2:52
  • Are you trying to load a page through a browser on your local machine, or execute a script via command-line? – newfurniturey Sep 26 '12 at 2:55
  • @MichaelBerkowski not in single line...it was in stackoverflow code... another thing , yes i verified all available php.ini... although i corrected ini which was refernced in phpinfo() – Kasma Sep 26 '12 at 3:18
  • @newfurniturey using browser on local machine.... – Kasma Sep 26 '12 at 3:19

If you're experiencing this issue when you execute PHP command-line with wamp server, it's because PHP does not hold a reference to the wamp-modified php.ini file (only the apache instance does). Without it, things like curl will not work properly.

To fix this, you need to copy the php.ini file from the Apache folder to the PHP folder.

  • Apache Path: [wamp install dir]\bin\apache\apache2.2.22\bin\php.ini
  • PHP Path: [wamp install dir]\bin\php\php5.4.3\php.ini

You can update the apache/php versions in the folder-paths if yours don't match.

2 solutions:

  1. Enable the plugin

    • in wamp this is done in the right click menu.
    • On Linux - it'll probably be in php.ini (though don't forget to restart Apache!)
  2. Check curl exists before attempting to use it:

    • if(!function_exists('curl_init')) echo "cURL not installed. Trying something else...";

Uncomment this line in the php.ini


And remember to set the extensions directory in your php.ini

extension_dir = “/usr/local/php5/ext”

There is solution with all necessary details:


It is in French, but you can understand everything! I solved same problem, even don't speak French. :-)

Many answers forget to mention that you need to add new version of php_curl.dll file from this location: http://www.anindya.com/php-5-4-3-and-php-5-3-13-x64-64-bit-for-windows/

I added new version of php_curl.dll from archive php_curl-5.4.3-VC9-x64.zip to folders: C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.4.3\ext and C:\Windows\System32 and everything was fine!

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