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How to find an item in a std::vector?

I am using C++ Builder to create a VCL Forms application. I also have a vector array of appointment objects that each have a name, type, reminder date/time, a date/time, location and comments.

I am wanting to implement a find feature that will let a user find an appointment given certain criteria.

The user can choose to find an appointment in the vector array by either choosing the name, type etc or a combination of each.

What would be the best programming concept to use for this situation? The vector is not large. No more than 10 or 20 elements.


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  • Do you mean a vector, or an array of vectors? – juanchopanza Sep 26 '12 at 8:29

where isthatit is a predicate object constructed from conditions.


Use std::find_if() and define the required predicate (if C++11 you can use lambda function).

See online demo http://ideone.com/Md7sp.


If you have many criterias you should think about Boost.MultiIndex container which targets different search indexes. http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_51_0/libs/multi_index/doc/tutorial/index.html

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