The standard bundle in Symfony2 is 'Acme', but what does that stand for?


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ACME (A Company (that) Makes Everything) is a fictional company from the Looney Tunes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acme_Corporation

It's used as a placeholder name (like "foo", "bar", etc).

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It means "A Company (that) Makes Everything"


ACME is the root namespace name of these standard bundles. Code therein you should identify as the code you write your own, so not the code of the framework itself which you should not touch.

You find the usage of that namespace outlined in the introductory chapter The Big Picture (archived copy).

It's used exemplary, it hints being the name of your company, see Acme Corporation on wikipedia for some cultural references.

But sure, Symfony2 is neither a computer game nor a fictional movie, so probably it's hard to draw that connection line.

See Also: [Newbie] Why ACME prefix? (symfony framework forum) (21 May 2011)


ACME is a simple fun way to either suggests that it is "A Company (that) Makes Everything" instead of a company that's named as foo or baz. While it does have something to do with the Cartoons, the term has had a great trend of search since the beginning of Google Trends.

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