I am wondering if there is a way to get a Vector from out of a JSONObject. Let's say I have this :

public class Foo
    private JSONObject json;
    public Foo(){
            json=new JSONObject();
            Vector<,F> v=new Vector<,F>(); // pretend like the comma isn't there please 
            json.put("blah", v); ...} catch (JSONException e){...}
    public void addBlahs(,F goo){
            Object o=json.get("blah");
            // Since json.get("blah") should be a Vector of .F's, I thought I could do something like this...
            Vector<,F> v=(Vector <,F>) o;
            v.add(goo);} catch (JSONException{ ...}

Eclipse gives me a warning saying unchecked type cast. Is it possible to get a certain type of object from a JSONObject and then be able to use that object? I want to add "goo"s to that Vector, but not sure how to properly access it and add to it.

I'm a beginner so go easy on me :)


You can't put a Vector in a JSONObject. According to the documentation of JSONObject#put(String, Object):

key - A key string.

value - An object which is the value. It should be of one of these types: Boolean, Double, Integer, JSONArray, JSONObject, Long, String, or the JSONObject.NULL object.

However, you can use an JSONArray instead.

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