I'm trying to slice a numpy array using a slice that is predefined in a variable. This works:

b = fromfunction(lambda x,y: 10*x+y, (5,4),dtype=int) # Just some matrix

# Output:
# array([[11, 12],
#       [21, 22]])

But what I want to do is somthing like this:

slice = "1:3,1:3"
# Output:
# array([[11, 12],
#       [21, 22]])

It is not important to me what type the slice-variable has, I'm just using a string as an example. How do I save a slice-specifier like that?


You can use the built-in slice function

s = slice(1,3)

ds = (s,s)
  • Perfect. I had been looking at the slice-function, but evidently not closely enough :-) Thanks (I'll accept as soon as the timer allows me to). – XerXes Sep 27 '12 at 8:23

numpy.s_ and numpy.index_exp provide a convenient way of doing this:

the_slice = numpy.index_exp[1:3, 1:3]

They can't do anything that you can't do with a combination of slice, tuples, None, and Ellipsis, but they allow you to use exactly the same syntax as you would use to slice an array (the only difference between s_ and index_exp is that for a one-dimensional slice, s_ returns a slice object, while index_exp wraps it in a tuple).

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