currently i have div container with data-role='page' and few inner div with data-role='fieldcontain'. under the (div data-role='page' ) I have few buttons and elements effected from jquery mobile style .how can I prevent this behave?

    <div data-role='page' >
        <div data-role='fieldcontain'>....</div>

    <div><button id="btn1"></button>....</div>

Try using data-role="none" like in native forms to prevent button styling:

<button id="btn1" data-role="none">Button element</button>

or you have to define your own theme (without the structural CSS) with for example:

<button id="btn1" data-theme="e"></button>

Otherwise I don't think this is possible since jQuery is meant to 'update' the whole page.

See also:


  • Thanks for the answer, in this example the button is in the div data-role='page' and if I am get it out this div it disappear.any idea how to fix it? – the_farmer Sep 27 '12 at 9:40
  • @the_farmer you cannot have content outside the page. You have to show it on the page or another page, but all content has to be within a page. – Smamatti Sep 27 '12 at 10:33

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