say your given an instance of List[Class[_ <: Base]], and say that many classes extends Base:

class A extends Base
class B extends Base
class C extends A

now, the given list may contain only some classes. e.g. : val classes = classOf[A] :: Nil, well, how can i test when i get an instantiated val if it's class is of type that is found in the list, or if it a subclass for a class in the list? i.e. how would you implement:
def testClass(class : List[Class[_ <: Base]], instance : Base) : Boolean

val classes = classOf[A] :: Nil
testClass(classes, new A) // should return true
testClass(classes, new B) // should return false
testClass(classes, new C) // should return true

use case:
i'm trying to write a generic retry pattern, i.e. getting some code that is very error prone, and i want to retry executing it for some number of maximum tries, when every time it fails, it should execute some "wait" method.

    //Some code that throws exceptions
}, classOf[SomeException] :: classOf[SomeOtherException] :: Nil,
100, {Thread.sleep(5000)})

well this works OK, but it won't test for subclasses of a given exception:

def retryRequest(req : => Unit, validExceptions : List[Class[_ <: java.lang.Throwable]], tries : Int, waitMethod : => Unit) {
    var keepTrying = false
    var tryCount = 0
            logger.debug("retryRequest, try #" + tryCount)
            keepTrying = false
            case ex if(tryCount >= tries && validExceptions.contains(ex.getClass)) => {
                throw new MaxTriesReachedException("tried for " + tryCount + "times, but no luck. " +
                                                   "you may want to try ommitting generic exceptions types from the given list.") 
            case ex if (validExceptions.contains(ex.getClass)) => {
                logger.debug("intercepted " + ex.toString)
                tryCount += 1
                keepTrying = true

i would realy want to replace:


with something like:

validExceptions.exists(exClass => ex.isInstanceOf[exClass]) //won't compile

is it possible? how?


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A simpler way would be to use util.control.Exception:

  def retryRequest(req: => Unit, 
                   validExceptions: List[Class[_ <: Throwable]], 
                   tries: Int, 
                   waitMethod: => Unit): Unit =
   (Exception.catching(validExceptions:_*) withApply { e => 
      if (tries > 1) retryRequest(req, validExceptions, tries - 1, waitMethod)
   }) { req }

  retryRequest( { println("a"); throw new Exception }, 

In short: withApply takes a closure that handles the case when one of the exceptions passed to catching is thrown. In our case, we simply call ourselves recursively (given that the number of retries is small, I don't think this is a problem).


I think this should work:

validExceptions.exists(exClass => exClass.isAssignableFrom(ex.getClass))



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