I am currently working on a C# program in Assembly where I am trying to implement Google Translate in my program. I am aware that I have to use HTMLAgilityPack in my program for it to work. I found this post and downloaded the HTMLAgilityPack, however when he says

1) and build the HTMLAgilityPack solution.
2) In your application, add a reference to HTMLAgilityPack.dll in the HTMLAgilityPack\Debug (or Realease) \bin folder.

I do not know what he wants me to do. So far, I have downloaded and extracted the HTMLAgilityPack folder. In the folder, I have the files:
Net20, Net40, Net40-client, Net45, sl3-wp, sl4, sl4-windowsphone71, sl5, winrt45 If anybody can elaborate on what procedures I need to do, it would be greatly appreciated!

  • Did you download the release binaries or the source code? If you downloaded the binaries, look for a file called HTMLAgilityPack.dll and reference that in your solution. No need to build anything. – Mike Christensen Sep 27 '12 at 19:16
  • Thanks! I'm pretty new to C# and do not know how to reference in my solution. Can you clear this up for me? I am using Assembly if that is necessary. – Cameron Barge Sep 28 '12 at 14:18
  • In your project, find the folder called References and right click on it. Then select Add Reference. You can then select the Browse tab and find the DLL you want to reference. – Mike Christensen Sep 28 '12 at 15:00

Why dont you look at the API? There is a good example here...



In Visual Studio. There is in Solution Explorer folder named Reference -> right click -> add reference choose from hdd *.dll.

VS adding reference

After it you'll be able using methods from this Library.

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