I'm using jquery's validator plugin to validate my registration form. I made a custom rule for password validation. I make it so that it has to follow the following rules:
1) Must be a minimum of 8 characters
2) Must contain at least 1 number
3) Must contain at least 1 symbol
4) Must contain at least 1 upper-case letter

Here's my code: fiddle

Including this expression:


This enforced almost all the above 4 policies except for the last one, it doesn't enforce that there must be at least 1 uppercase. I have no idea why, I've search all the regex documentations to make sure I got the syntax correct. And even this only tool tells me i'm right: ruby

Any ideas why it's not working properly? Thanks


The i at the end of your regex makes it case insensitive. So every uppercase letter you specified will also match the corresponding lowercase letter. Remove that i and it should work.

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    @Richard wait you're not even the OP ^^ ... then I haven't said anything – Martin Ender Sep 27 '12 at 22:01

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