I am new to vb.net I need to insert data in table by using vb.net please can any one help

I have tried this

Here I tried Sample Code

I got this exception Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition. thanks advance

Private Sub btnSave_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As  System.EventArgs)  Handles btnSave.Click

    Dim strName As String = txtName.Text
    Dim strId As String = txtID.Text
    Dim strPhone As String = txtPhone.Text
    Dim strBranch As String = cmboxBranch.SelectedItem.ToString()
    Dim  strCourse As String = cmbboxCourse.SelectedItem.ToString()
    Dim dblFee As Double = Double.Parse(txtFee.Text) 

    Dim strCommand As String = "insert into student values('" & strName & "','" & strId &    "','" & strPhone & "','" & strBranch & "','" & strCourse & "'," & dblFee & ")"

    Dim command As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(strCommand, connection)
    command.CommandType = CommandType.Text

    '' MsgBox(strCommand) 

    If (command.ExecuteNonQuery().Equals(1)) Then
        MsgBox("Information stored in database")
        MsgBox("Not stored in database")
    End If

End Sub
  • You should show us the table definition. Maybe you've forgotten to make the pk column IDENTITYwith autoincrement. Btw, you're open for SQL-Injection. You should use SqlParameters. Sep 28 '12 at 6:13
  • my table defn is student(SName,SID,SPhone,SBranch,SCourse,SFee) all are belong to varchar type except fee (fee is real type) Sep 28 '12 at 6:14
  • 1
    @rangasathish - that's not a table definition. Easiest is to go to the table using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Right click it, choose "Script Table -> As Create -> To Clipboard". Then edit your question and paste in the result. It will show us the data types for the table, any constraints, etc. Sep 28 '12 at 6:19

It means that the number of values specified in your VALUES clause on the INSERT statement is not equal to the total number of columns in the table. You must specify the columnname if you only try to insert on selected columns.

Another one, since you are using ADO.Net , always parameterized your query to avoid SQL Injection. What you are doing right now is you are defeating the use of sqlCommand.


Dim query as String = String.Empty
query &= "INSERT INTO student (colName, colID, colPhone, "
query &= "                     colBranch, colCourse, coldblFee)  "
query &= "VALUES (@colName,@colID, @colPhone, @colBranch,@colCourse, @coldblFee)"

Using conn as New SqlConnection("connectionStringHere")
    Using comm As New SqlCommand()
        With comm
            .Connection = conn
            .CommandType = CommandType.Text
            .CommandText = query
            .Parameters.AddWithValue("@colName", strName)
            .Parameters.AddWithValue("@colID", strId)
            .Parameters.AddWithValue("@colPhone", strPhone)
            .Parameters.AddWithValue("@colBranch", strBranch)
            .Parameters.AddWithValue("@colCourse", strCourse)
            .Parameters.AddWithValue("@coldblFee", dblFee)
        End With
        Catch(ex as SqlException)
            MessageBox.Show(ex.Message.ToString(), "Error Message")
        End Try
    End Using
End USing 

PS: Please change the column names specified in the query to the original column found in your table.

  • 1
    Side-note: the conn.Close is redundant since you're using using-statement anyway. Sep 28 '12 at 6:32
  • @TimSchmelter thanks for reminding :) but i used to do that. Anyway, I just update my answer.
    – John Woo
    Sep 28 '12 at 6:33
  • 2
    I would vote +2 if I could for the promotion of parametrized queries
    – jeroenh
    Sep 28 '12 at 6:40
  • 1
    @JohnWoo: Anyway, +1 because of using parameters,using-statement,error-handling and one possible reason for the error. Sep 28 '12 at 6:50
  • 1
    You might also want to mention that 'Error here' should be replaced with appropriate error handling(f.e. logging). Don't ever swallow exceptions. Sep 28 '12 at 6:54
Imports System.Data

Imports System.Data.SqlClient

Public Class Form2

Dim myconnection As SqlConnection

Dim mycommand As SqlCommand

Dim dr As SqlDataReader

Dim dr1 As SqlDataReader

Dim ra As Integer

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

    myconnection = New SqlConnection("server=localhost;uid=root;pwd=;database=simple")

    'you need to provide password for sql server


    mycommand = New SqlCommand("insert into tbl_cus([name],[class],[phone],[address]) values ('" & TextBox1.Text & "','" & TextBox2.Text & "','" & TextBox3.Text & "','" & TextBox4.Text & "')", myconnection)


    MessageBox.Show("New Row Inserted" & ra)


End Sub

End Class
  • ⚠️ Do not use. Insecure / poor SQL coding practice. Jul 18 '20 at 22:46
Function ExtSql(ByVal sql As String) As Boolean
    Dim cnn As SqlConnection
    Dim cmd As SqlCommand
    cnn = New SqlConnection(My.Settings.mySqlConnectionString)
        cmd = New SqlCommand
        cmd.Connection = cnn
        cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text
        cmd.CommandText = sql
    Catch ex As Exception
        Return False
    End Try
    Return True
End Function
  • 1
    Please, consider adding a bit more detail and explanation to your code.
    – Ondrej K.
    Jun 19 '18 at 20:11

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