I am having some issue with using popup window to call methods/ elements within the html page referenced. The popup window is called when user clicks on a ckeditor plugin.

Plugin.js (Popup)

popupEqnwin = window.open('main.html','test','width=1000,height=450,status=1,scrollbars=yes,resizable=1');


<input type="text" id="image" name="image" value="xxx"/>

How can I use popupEqnwin to reference to the element type named image? I tried using popupEqnwin.document.getElementById("image").value but it did not work.

Appreciate any pointers or references. Thank you.

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When you open a new window you can save its handler:

var popupWindow = window.open( 'yourFile.html' );

Then you can play with it as if it was a normal window:

popupWindow.document.body.innerHTML; // prints the contents of the popup's <body>
popupWindow.someFunction(); // calls some function from popup's global namespace

I mean... you should slightly change the code of the plugin so CKEDITOR.editor.popup() returns this handler or store it in somewhere in CKEDITOR namespace / editor instance.

I created a ticket for this.


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