Is there a way to combine scopes in an additive fashion?

If I have the scopes




I can call


and get all the users who have big hair AND play guitar. Can I write this to get all users who have big hair OR play guitar?

I guess I have to add that I realize that you can run a set of queries and add the results together. That's what I'm trying not to do.

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So you have:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  named_scope :big_haired, :conditions => {:hair => 'massive'}
  named_scope :plays_guitar, :conditions => {:plays => 'guitar'}

User.big_haired.plays_guitar => Lots of users.

I am unaware of a method to mash the two together. Perhaps just blending the arrays:

@users = (User.big_haired + User.plays_guitar).uniq

Try Searchlogic, it recently supports combining named scopes with OR


I just tried this out on some of my models that have named_scopes defined. It will put the conditions together as an AND condition if you combine it. So...


will result in (obviously my shorthand SQL, not the real rails generated stuff)

SELECT * FROM users WHERE hair = 'massive' AND plays = 'guitar'

I don't know of a way to combine them as an OR relationship. That would be incredibly complex to mix in when you think about the various options. We chain named_scopes all the time, it works well (as long as you want them ANDed together).

To do the and case, I would either create a special named scope with the OR conditions built on, or use a union to produce a unique set like so:

User.big_haired | User.plays_guitar

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