It is said that we'd better use a multi_array builder if we want to use the multi_array more efficiently. However, I'm so new to both template and boost, I tried to copy some code from a book. It looks like this:

class multi_builder : boost::noncopyable    
    typedef boost::multi_array<T,N> array_type;
    typedef boost::shared_ptr<array_type > type;    
    boost::any ext; 
    multi_builder() : ext(boost::extents){}
    template<std::size_t n>
    void dim(std::size_t x)
        BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT(n >= 0 && n < N);   
        ext = boost::any_cast<boost::detail::multi_array::extent_gen<n> >(ext) [x];
    boost::type create(void)
        return boost::type<array_type>(new array_type(boost::any_cast<boost::detail::multi_array::extent_gen<N> >(ext)));

However, when I tried to use it in the code like this:

multi_builder<int,2> builder;
for(int i = 0,v = 0; i < 2; ++i)
    for(int j = 0; j < 2; ++j)
        (*mp)[i][j] = v++;  

the compiler generates the following errors:

error:invalid use of template-name 'boost::type' without an argument list
error:'class multi_builder<int, 2u>' has no member named 'create'.
error:invalid type in declaration before '=' token
error:'class multi_builder<int, 2u>' has no member named 'create'
error:invalid type argument of 'unary *'

Could someone tell me how to fix the errors?

From the looks of it, the return type of create() lacks a template argument list. I haven't used this Boost component but based on how the value is returned it should probably look like this:

boost::type<array_type> create(void)
  • Thanks for the reply. However, it doesn't work. I still get 2 errors like 'no match for 'operator*' in 'mp'' and 'no matching function for call to 'boost::type<boost::multi_array<int, 2u, std::allocator<int> > >::type(boost::multi_array<int, 2u, std::allocator<int> >)''candidates are: boost::type<boost::multi_array<int, 2u, std::allocator<int> > >::type() – user957121 Sep 30 '12 at 3:10

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