I'm using Twitter Bootstrap with Jquery. I want to use the TYPEAHEAD function for a textarea, which I got to work super easily. But I also need it to allow multiple selection.

By that I mean, after I selected one word from the autocomplete, it takes me back to textarea with an extra space afterwards and then if I start typing again, it offers me to do it again.

Here is a JS bin: http://jsbin.com/ewubuk/1/edit (Nothing special inside).

Is there an easy solution to allow multiple selection with typeahead? If yes, how?

Thanks in advance.


Edit There already was a pull about that : https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap/pull/2007

You can approach the desired behavior by using a proxy for the typeahead : Demo (jsfiddle)

var $myTextarea = $('#myTextarea');

    source: source,
    updater: function(item) {
        $myTextarea.append(item, ' ');
        return '';

I think the updater method is meant for this kind of thing, you just return what will be displayed.

Or if you really want everything to be in the same input element, you would have to override more methods so that it only matches the currently-typed element : Demo (jsfiddle)

function extractor(query) {
    var result = /([^,]+)$/.exec(query);
    if(result && result[1])
        return result[1].trim();
    return '';

    source: source,
    updater: function(item) {
        return this.$element.val().replace(/[^,]*$/,'')+item+',';
    matcher: function (item) {
      var tquery = extractor(this.query);
      if(!tquery) return false;
      return ~item.toLowerCase().indexOf(tquery.toLowerCase())
    highlighter: function (item) {
      var query = extractor(this.query).replace(/[\-\[\]{}()*+?.,\\\^$|#\s]/g, '\\$&')
      return item.replace(new RegExp('(' + query + ')', 'ig'), function ($1, match) {
        return '<strong>' + match + '</strong>'

This one is not idiot proof, because you have to type at the end, after the special character.

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    Hmm this seemed like a great plan, but it doesn't work for bootstrap 2.3.1 anymore. At least for me. updater method doesn't do anything for me, but the typehead works as single. – Ivan Ivković Mar 29 '13 at 12:24
  • Ok, I missed the HTML part. I put <input type="text" data-provide="typeahead" /> instead of <input type="text" class="typeahead" /> – Ivan Ivković Mar 29 '13 at 12:37
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    @IvanIvković If you encounter problems, you should try in something like jsfiddle and ask a new question about it (referencing this question). But I see you solved it, so that's great ! – Sherbrow Mar 29 '13 at 13:17
  • Hmm strange I still can't answer any questions even dogh I've contributed. :/ Thanks. :) – Ivan Ivković Mar 29 '13 at 13:38
  • I am experiencing a problem with this in both the jsfiddle and my own code. It only seems to work if you start typing in lowercase. If you type a capital letter first, nothing is returned. – andrewtweber Apr 13 '13 at 5:41

This is an excellent replacement for select boxes:


(If you use the multi-value version.)


The top answer doesn't seem to work anymore with the latest typeahead, so I offer the following.


function MultiTypeahead(id, data, trigger, vertAdjustMenu)
    trigger = (undefined !== trigger) ? trigger : '';
    var validChars = /^[a-zA-Z]+$/;

    function extractor(query)
        var result = (new RegExp('([^,; \r\n]+)$')).exec(query);
        if(result && result[1])
            return result[1].trim();
        return '';

    var lastUpper = false;
    function strMatcher(id, strs) 
        return function findMatches(q, sync, async) 
            var pos = $(id).caret('pos');
            q = (0 < pos) ? extractor(q.substring(0, pos)) : '';

            if (q.length <= trigger.length)

            if (trigger.length)
                if(trigger != q.substr(0, trigger.length))

                q = q.substr(trigger.length);

            if (!q.match(validChars))

            var firstChar = q.substr(0, 1);
            lastUpper = (firstChar === firstChar.toUpperCase() && firstChar !== firstChar.toLowerCase());

            var cpos = $(id).caret('position');
            $(id).parent().find('.tt-menu').css('left', cpos.left + 'px');
            if (vertAdjustMenu)
                $(id).parent().find('.tt-menu').css('top', (cpos.top + cpos.height) + 'px');

            var matches = [];
            var matches = [], substrRegex = new RegExp(q, 'i');
            $.each(strs, function(i, str) 
                if (str.length > q.length && substrRegex.test(str))

            if (!matches.length)


    var lastVal = '';
    var lastPos = 0;
    function beforeReplace(event, data)
        lastVal = $(id).val();
        lastPos = $(id).caret('pos');
        return true;

    function onReplace(event, data)
        if (!data || !data.length)

        if (!lastVal.length)

        var root = lastVal.substr(0, lastPos);
        var post = lastVal.substr(lastPos);

        var typed = extractor(root);
        if (!lastUpper && typed.length >= root.length && 0 >= post.length)

        var str = root.substr(0, root.length - typed.length);

        str += lastUpper ? (data.substr(0, 1).toUpperCase() + data.substr(1)) : data;
        var cursorPos = str.length;

        str += post;

        $(id).caret('pos', cursorPos);      

    this.typeahead = 
        $(id).typeahead({hint: false, highlight: false}, {'limit': 5, 'source': strMatcher(id, data)})
                .on('typeahead:beforeselect', beforeReplace)
                .on('typeahead:beforeautocomplete', beforeReplace)
                .on('typeahead:beforecursorchange', beforeReplace)
                .on('typeahead:selected', function(event,data){setTimeout(function(){ onReplace(event, data); }, 0);})
                .on('typeahead:autocompleted', onReplace)
                .on('typeahead:cursorchange', onReplace)

EDIT: Realizing the previous code had too much extra stuff, I narrowed it down to a minimal working example.

This is what was previously posted..

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    +1 for updating old code, although it is easy enough to do. I know why you are using regex but it does obfuscate editing your code for others. The only other things - that in my eyes would improve your answer - is new lines instead of same line and not using @. – SumNeuron Mar 21 '18 at 16:10

I guess you could edit the plugin to allow multiple selections (just don't close the drop-down menu) and add the selected values separated by comma. The only problem I see is that you don't know when to close the drop-down.


I'm late to the party, but this is what I came up with for Bootstrap v4. It also requires d3 (as I am not so familiar with jQuery).

You can see an example running at http://sumneuron.gitlab.io/multitags/ enter image description here

It has some useful features, is written in a clearly, and should get anyone who finds this off to a good start. Especially if you were ever curious as to how tagging is implemented.

enter image description here

Code is available at https://gitlab.com/SumNeuron/multitags/pipelines

The logic is roughly as follows:

if keydown in [enter, ","]:
    // logic of function "doneTyping" 
    text = parse(text) // get text from textarea and grab latest value
    if text is valid:
        renderTag(text) // put the text in a tag element
        updateHiddenForm(text) // update the hidden form to include the tag
        notifyUserOfInvalidTag(text) // alert user
    // logic of function "stillTyping" 
    suggest = bloodhoundSearch(text) // use twitter typeahead
    updateSuggestionBox(suggest) // display results from typeahead

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