I have problem with MouseDown event. My app looks like that, I have grid in which im adding buttons in code behind

<Grid Grid.Column="1" Name="gridWithButtons" MouseDown="normalModeButtonsWP_MouseDown" >
        <WrapPanel Name="normalModeButtonsWP" MouseDown="normalModeButtonsWP_MouseDown" ></WrapPanel>

But when im pressing mouse button in grid/wrappanel ( i mean in empty space between buttons for example) it doesnt work. Works only when im pressing button which is in wrap/grid. Anyone know how to handle it?


Setting IsHitTestVisible alone will not make it work.

Elements are not clickable if Background is set to None. To make it clickable (applies to grid, stackpanel, etc) set the Background to #00000000. This is more like a workaround however it works and looks fine.

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    Or set Background to Transparent – Curt Nichols Feb 12 '14 at 22:44

Try setting IsHitTestVisible = true on your grid

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