I have a list of objects and I am trying to display them all (and so I am using the django {% for %} {% endfor %}) However, I need to iterate through each object backwards one at a time, rather than forwards. I've looked at https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/templates/builtins/#for but I couldn't really figure out how I can use it to loop backwards. I was wondering how to do this and if it is even possible. Below is a simple example of how I currently have it implemented (iterating forward):

{% for i in scheduling_info %}
    <pre>{{ i.log }}</pre>
{% endfor %}


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    not sure why you got -1 ... I +1'd to compensate as it is a valid question that others may find useful – Joran Beasley Oct 1 '12 at 20:44

directly from the page you linked

You can loop over a list in reverse by using {% for obj in list reversed %}.


In case someone ends up here looking for jinja2 solution, like me:

{% for obj in list | reverse %}
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    throw error: django.template.exceptions.TemplateSyntaxError: 'for' statements should use the format 'for x in y': for entry in entries | reverse – AbstProcDo May 21 '18 at 11:20

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