[a] => Array (
      [0] => MongoId Object (
        [$id] => 506479dc9a5be1596b1bd97d
      [1] => MongoId Object (
        [$id] => 506479dc9a5be1596b1bd97d

I have an array like this one. I need to change the values to string, to change it to something like this:

array (
  0 => "506479dc9a5be1596b1bd97d",
  1 => "506479dc9a5be1596b1bd97d",

This is my solution, but it is expensive and I will be using this in a for loop.

$yut = implode(",", $a);
$arr = explode(",", $yut);

Are there any other solution?


You can just use array_map to call MongoId::__toString() which would convert all Mongo Object in your array to string

$list = array_map(function($var){ return $var->__toString(); }, $yourArray);
  • thank you very much, it helped me a lot :) – johna Oct 2 '12 at 7:28
$new_array = array_map('strval', $array);

strval is php built in function that returns string value


function ($value){
   return (string)$value;

Try this -

$str = "Ram, Krishna,John and Heena";

String split using preg_split() into an array -

$arr = preg_split('/(,{1}[\s]?|\sand\s)+/', $str);

Now the value of array will be -

array("Ram", "Krishna", "John", "Heena");

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