I am making a Windows Service. The Service has to donwload something every night, and therefor I want to place the URI in the App.Config in case I later need to change it.

I want to write an URI in my App.Config. What makes it invalid and how should i approach this?

    <add key="fooUriString" 

My errors:

- Entity 'login' not defined
- Expecting ';'
- Entity 'password' not defined
- Application Configuration file "App.config" is invalid. An error occurred

You haven't properly encoded the ampersands in your URI. Remember that app.config is an XML file, so you must conform to XML's requirements for escaping (e.g. & should be &amp;, < should be &lt; and > should be &gt;).

In your case, it should look like this:


But in general, if you wanted to store a string that looked like "I <3 angle bra<kets & ampersands >>>" then do this:

        value="I &lt;3 angle bra&lt;kets &amp; ampersands &gt;&gt;&gt;"

void StringEncodingTest() {
    String expected = "I <3 angle bra<kets & ampersands >>>";
    String actual   = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["someString"];
    Debug.Assert.AreEqual( expected, actual );
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    Thanks for the answers guys. You were first, so I'll accept yours, in a couple of minuts when the SO gods allow me too. – radbyx Oct 2 '12 at 7:17

&amp; should work just fine, Wikipedia has a List of predefined entities in XML.


Try using: &amp; in place of & in the url

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