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I have the following string:


An array with 10 rows (if I split by every 3rd character, that is), which looks something like this, if I were to instantiate it:

var fooarray = new Array ('foo', 'faa', 'foo', 'faa', 'foo', 'faa', 'foo', 'faa', 'foo', 'faa');

So I want a function, either built-in or custom-made, which can help me split up a string by every nth character.

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Try the below code:

var foo = "foofaafoofaafoofaafoofaafoofaa";
console.log( foo.match(/.{1,3}/g) );

For nth position:

foo.match(new RegExp('.{1,' + n + '}', 'g'));
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    @xdazz But the OP said every nth position; your regex is fixed at 3. Generalize it for an upvote. :) – Ray Toal Oct 2 '12 at 8:29
  • Can you split it using regex but from right to left? – vsync Sep 15 '16 at 8:21
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    @vsync: I don't know if that's possible in the general case, but maybe you could just reverse the input string, do the matches, then reverse the output? – damd Jan 3 '17 at 15:14

var s = "foofaafoofaafoofaafoofaafoofaa";
var a = [];
var i = 3;

do{ a.push(s.substring(0, i)) } 
while( (s = s.substring(i, s.length)) != "" );

console.log( a )



Working demo: http://jsfiddle.net/9RXTW/


As I was writing this, @xdazz came up with the wonderfully simple regex solution.

As you have asked (om the comments to that answer) for a non-regex solution, I will submit this anyway...

function splitNChars(txt, num) {
  var result = [];
  for (var i = 0; i < txt.length; i += num) {
    result.push(txt.substr(i, num));
  return result;


JSFiddle Demo

  • Also array doesnt make a good variable name. Even thought Javascript is case sensitive it might be confusing. – clentfort Oct 2 '12 at 8:30

You can do like this:

var input = "foofaafoofaafoofaafoofaafoofaa";

var result = [];
while (input.length) {
    result.push(input.substr(0, 3));
    input = input.substr(3);

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/Guffa/yAZJ2/


As Mark Walter has pointed out, this solution from another Stack Overflow question works perfectly:

function splitStringAtInterval (string, interval) {
  var result = [];
  for (var i=0; i<string.length; i+=interval)
    result.push(string.substring (i, i+interval));
  return result;

The function followed by an example using it. The example test outputs: ["abc","def","ghi","j"]

function splitEvery(str, n)
    var arr = new Array;
    for (var i = 0; i < str.length; i += n)
        arr.push(str.substr(i, n));
    return arr;

var result = splitEvery('abcdefghij', 3);

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