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Adding Core Data to existing iPhone project

how can I add core data into an existing iOS project? I added the data model file, created the data models from it and added the three properties into my app delegate all into my existing(!) project. I also added CoreData into the frameworks.

In my app delegate's didFinishLaunching-method I call [self managedObjectContext], but it returns nil. I guess I have to override the getter methods and load my data model from there? How do I do that?

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    This has already been asked here and here. – Adam Oct 2 '12 at 14:18

Easiest way to do this is to create a new project (Empty project) and make sure Core Data is added in. Then, just look over the differences, there should be four big ones:

  1. Add in all the stuff that is created in the AppDelegate
  2. Add in the Core Data framework
  3. Add your data object
  4. Modify the pch file

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