What files should I commit to github so that its a valid Eclipse project ?

I am just committing my source files and packages but when I try to re-create the project I receive this error 'no projects found' :

enter image description here

I think I need to also commit the .project file ?

  • Each Eclipse project has different layout (Web, Standalone etc). So the question is what Eclipse project you are dealing with. Then customize your .gitignore file accordingly. The .project file should be versioned in any case
    – pankar
    Commented Oct 3, 2012 at 14:00

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You need to commit your:

  • .settings dir
  • .classpath file
  • .project file

The better idea will be to use maven for your project so that you will have a common configuration for all the IDEs (eclipse, netbeans, ideaj ...) and no need to push your eclipse specific configuration.


For a typical Java SE Eclipse project, you must commit .project and .classpath files, but not necessary .settings folder. I tested this scenario by committing one project from my windows environment and cloning that onto my Linux environment; Eclipse imported and run this project without any error. Hope this tip helps you reduce committing one folder (the .setting).

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