I made an HTML5 "webapp" for my company back in April, and at that point, I was able to place is on the homescreen of iPhones and iPads, and save it as a bookmark for offline viewing (Android and BB as well, but those are not presenting problems).

Now, 6 months later, I attempt to load the pages, and for my iPhone and iPad, the homescreen buttons will not load, but the bookmarks still function.

Is there a glitch preventing the homescreen buttons to load when there is no signal?

(yes, I am aware that there are questions/answers from years back, but I am looking for an updated answer)

Here is my manifest:




Like I said, this DOES work with Android, BB, and iOS bookmarks, and only fails with the iOS homescreen.


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iOS6 made several moves to make browsing faster and on the way introduced some bugs and some more than involve your case.

On iOS6 the way the Homescreen manages data is quite different. It doesn't share data with Web App data, but uses a separate storage for Homescreen data alongside the native apps.

In short this means that:

  • Data in Homescreen apps is lost when upgrading to iOS6
  • Different user data (appcache, local storage, SQLite etc.) when using the Web app and Homescreen app
  • Homescreen app data are treated like native app data and are safe from the "Clear data" function of the browser

Source: http://blog.nsbasic.com/?p=928

  • thanks...any word on iOS 4 or 5? My iPad isn't updated, but is still struggling with WebApps. Oct 17, 2012 at 2:03

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