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how to empty an array in JavaScript

var jsonParent = [];

This is my jsonArray I am pushing some elements in the array, but now I want to empty this array and remove all elements from it.

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In terms of saving memory and references use

jsonParent.length = 0
  • looks hacky but I like it;) – Christoph Oct 4 '12 at 7:40
  • Nothing hacky =) it's javascript – Anton Rudeshko Oct 4 '12 at 7:41

If there are no other references to the same array then the easiest thing to do is just assign jsonParent to a new empty array:

jsonParent = [];

But if your code has other references to the same array instance then that would leave those other references with the original (populated) array and jsonParent with a different (empty) array. So if that is possible in your situation and you want to empty the actual array instance that you already have you can do:

jsonParent.length = 0;
// or if you like ugly:
jsonParent.splice(0, jsonParent.length);

(Note also that you are not using JSON here in any way. It's not JSON if it's not a string.)


just assign

jsonParent = [] 

again when you want to remove all elements

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